Roswell Restaurant Week is Back!

Registration Open Now Through Wednesday, October 31.

What is Roswell Restaurant Week?

Back for the 4th year in a row, this annual event is a ten-day celebration and promotion of Roswell’s diverse and talented restaurant industry!

During the event, Roswell residents and visitors are invited to eat at participating restaurants and order from each restaurant’s prix fixe menu, which features local favorites and chef-specials.

Entrant Requirements:

1. Restaurants must be located within the city limits of Roswell, Georgia to participate.

2. Restaurants agree to follow the requirements below for their prix fixe menus.

Menu Requirements:

• Restaurants will feature a prix fixe menu for lunch and/or dinner, or an “all day” menu that offers great deals on local favorites or chef-specials that aren’t usually available.

• Menu options cannot add up to cost more than they would if ordered off of your regular menu. It's highly recommended that your menu items not just add up to equal what they would be normally, but that the menu come in lower than the normal price for all courses - this helps RRW feel more like a special promotion and meets the patrons expectations for the event. 

• Restaurants must follow the menu structure below:

Lunch Menu: 2- or 3-course prix fixe menu for $10, $15 -or- $20

Dinner Menu: 3-course prix fixe menu for $25, $35 -or- $45 [Pro-Tip: You can also offer an optional drink pairing, but must list that item on the menu for an additional cost]

All Day Menu: 2- or 3-course prix fixe menu for $10, $15, $20, $25, $35 -or- $45

[Pro-Tip: Encourage your customers to make it a date by offering a lunch or dinner option for 2!]

Most restaurants typically offer 2-3 options per course, and we encourage you to offer a variety of choices in each course for patrons. You can offer as many options as you’d like, but please keep in mind that the photographer will only be able to shoot a maximum of 10 items during the photo shoot.

New This Year:

1. If your restaurant would like to offer more than one menu at different price points, you may do so, with a maximum of two menus per category. For example, your restaurant may choose to offer both a $15 and $20 lunch menu and a $35 dinner menu. Or, you may choose a $15 lunch menu, and both a $25 and $45 dinner menu. .

However, please keep in mind that your photo shoot will remain a 25-minute session, and the photographer will only be able to photograph 10 dishes total, regardless of how many menus you offer.

2. We want your Restaurant Week menus to align with your brand and style!  You will receive a menu template and event logos. Design your own menu or fill in our template - your choice! We’ll just need them back for the website and to help promote.

Participants will Receive:

• Individual restaurant page on

• 25-minute photo shoot with local photographer Angie Webb. Angie will photograph a maximum of 10 of your Roswell Restaurant Week menu items, so please choose the “prettiest” dishes to photograph. We suggest you select at least 6-8 dishes, a couple from each menu and course, so that the photos represent your entire menu.

• Branded menu template and logos available for you to design and print your prix fixe menus

• Branded event materials including buttons, table tents, rack cards, coasters and posters

• Restaurant and event promotion through Roswell Restaurant Week social media and email marketing

• Event graphics and logos for you to use in promotion

• Print and digital advertising promoting Roswell Restaurant Week

• Pole banners along Canton Street and Holcomb Bridge/GA-400 promoting Roswell Restaurant Week

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Registration Open Through October 31.