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All Day | $15

Hibachi Box served with Sauteed Mixed Vegetables, Yummy and Ginger Sauce and Fountain Drink
Teryikai box served with Steamed Vegetables, Sauteed White Onions and Fountain Drink

- Choice of Protein -





or tuna (Hibachi Box ONLY)

- Choice of Rice -

white rice

brown rice

fried rice

or noodle +$1

- Choice of Soup -

miso soup

or clear soup

*Taxes & gratuity not included in menu price.

About Fú Express

Fú Express strives to create a way and a place for you to enjoy the food in a limited time without sacrificing the quality, taste, and health. They also committed to serving food with natural and fresh ingredients to inspire and support healthy living standards and choices. With high standards and meticulous attitudes of food and services, you will have a unique experience.